Saturnalia : Genesis

You will know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free ! – John 8:32

Nebula by Mike Agliolo

Nebula by Mike Agliolo

“Through the hieroglyphics, the innuendo and the labyrinth-like twisted pools of social design, he tried to find a better understanding of life. There wasn’t a switch to flip, neither White nor Grey. There was just a vast expanse of  colors, shades and fractals…When viewed from the outside, it seemed almost dreamlike. It was something extraordinary that was violent, cruel, tragic even but at the same time when the elements came together, it became almost  imperceptible. It was almost like a transcendent flash of brilliance to the hue of it’s surrounding. 

These glimpses were almost nothing in the infinite sea of time and made him realize that there were instances where every piece came together to form an image of an art-form or a science. But sadly, in reality most of these instances died in their ‘irrelevant’ background circumstances and forms. Maybe it was just human nature, a problematic paradox; all but solvable with the right balance between intellect and intuition. He found that the feature that really sets the humans apart was in fact inhuman behavior.
This went on since the dawn of civilization  and never got fully translated into modern culture. The never ending dilemma between Fight or Flight was lost. The opportunity for subsistence and survival, provided to most; while only a few really had the chance to learn,change, grow and evolve. Maybe civil society had reached it’s peak. But one has to question him/herself. Surely, all of this couldn’t be so destructible, so weak and fragile compared to the energy of a simple supernova.
There had to be more, a greater meaning perhaps? Somewhere within  all the commotion and chaos, these flashes of beauty were still existent and anything could change at any other given moment if ‘the subject’ was inspired or found him or herself to have lost their perspective.
But really, Nothing had a true perspective. Nothing had a true standing”

     If I was given a choice to pick any planet in our solar System; I’d pick Saturn only  because I think it looks the coolest. After all, it has the iconic,  ginormous super-massive ‘Ring’s around it. We’ve known about the rings and other planets for since a long time now. I’m talking way before the invention of the first astronomical telescopes and before modern astronomy itself.

When In Rome, do as the Romans do.
Like the day ‘Saturday’, Saturn the Planet, was named after the ancient Pagan Roman God of Agriculture, “Saturnus”. The worship of this entity Saturnus was not exclusive only to the Romans, however. This festive occasion is the reason for the season, the true origin of Christmas.



They got him to the Greek.
The Greek civilization knew him by the name Chronos/Cronos/ Kronos, the one who controlled time . But what does Time have to do with agriculture?

Well you see, Time is the only inevitable factor that separates all living creatures from their reality and certain death; which is precisely why we derive the term ‘Chronology’ from ‘Chronos: The science of arranging events in a Chronological’order’ or ‘time-line’. They had their own version of ‘Saturnalia’. It was called ‘Kronia’.









Interestingly enough, the ‘Angel of Death’ figure is also derived from the same being.

The Road to EL Phoenicia

The ancient Phoenicians came to call Saturnus by the name ‘ELUS’ / ‘El’ / ‘el’ / ‘LL’ which started out as a title for the ‘supreme’ god  and eventually the title dissipated into the generic common term for god.
In the Canaanite mythology, El  was represented as an elderly man with a long beard. A highly respected deity, El was ‘all knowing, ‘all-powerful’, ‘wise yet jealous’ and had serious ‘anger management’ issues. Sound familiar enough yet?



This entity was believed by the locals of that time to live on Mt.Aqra/Zaphon near the ancient Syrian city of Ug-Arit. He was also referred to as “The Bull” or  Ba’al  (Ba’al was also considered to be the son of EL as the mythology progressed and evolved over time) and was shown as a  figure of authority sitting down majestically, wearing a crown with bull’s horns. The bull represents El’s strength and  force.



Even in the Old Testament the deity is referred to as El (single god), while the plural version of EL were called ‘Eloheim’ although the biblical version of this deity was better known by other popular nomenclature such as ‘El-Shaddai’ or “Yahweh/Jehovah/ Jah/YHWH (The Tetra-grammaton).



In Egyptian mythology, the Goddess of Heaven,  ‘ISIS’ herself claims: “I am ISIS the queen of this territory. I was instructed by Mercury. No one shall destroy the laws I have established here, for I am the ELdest daughter of Saturn; the most ancient of the gods”.

Isis the Queen goddess

Isis the Queen goddess




Isis symbolism Madonna







Some people like to take it a step further and insist that the true meaning of ‘Israel’ isn’t actually ‘God perseveres’ and instead is an acronym for ‘Isis-Ra-Eloheim’.


One might wonder why these people believed in such creatures, shapes and so much astrology in general. I mean, from a scientific point of view, it seems redundant to base your life’s decisions and day to day activities on the basis of the positions of bunches of stars and the weird shapes that they appear to us in.


A few Constellations and Planets

We went on to call these weird shapes ‘constellations’ and in our humanly pride, we considered ourselves and our Earth to be the center of the universe; not realizing that facts such as those were never really facts to begin with and were ‘in-fact’ just our own perceptions of what we call reality.

The various constellations and shapes we see in the night sky is just our view of them from specific angles on planet Earth and could appear in totally different shapes and figures from another angle or planet.


The Perseids by Chumack


Mars in Taurus Constellation

Mars in Taurus Constellation






 Now you see ‘El’ the title, was represented by many forms and figures over time (i.e Old guy with the long white beard, the bull etc). Another lesser known form of this deity was represented by a fairly common geometric shape, ‘the Cube’.The real irony of it all is the fact that ‘the Cube’ is worshiped to this very day by most, if not all religions and even through the hidden symbolism in all the media.

You don’t necessarily need to have any sort of religious/political beliefs or affiliations at all because the mere act of looking at information with hidden symbolism affects you and the decisions and choices you make on a sub-conscious level. You could have no idea about what the heck is going on and still be affected by this subconscious manipulation.

Here is a link to a video of day to day Subliminal manipulation in the Supermarket on Youtube by Derren Brown

‘Derren’ actually influences the participant’s decision to purchase a specific product, weeks in advance before he actually gets the participant to buy the exact same product; all out of the participant’s ‘own free will’ by clever subliminal messages and a subliminal map of the Supermarket that the participant has no idea about. 

But just how much advertising & selling is being done?
Which audiences are corporations targeting the most?

Here is a short gallery of images overflowing with subliminal stuff in advertisements, cartoons, movies, webpages etc. Be sure to check them out :


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what does it all mean?
It can be overwhelming for some people. Simply realizing that they have been manipulated  with or without their knowledge for years.

Should they be disappointed ? Yes.
Should they be disheartened? No .

Hell no. They could, I mean it’s their lives and all that but I believe they shouldn’t  because once you attain a certain level of awareness; the subliminal hidden messages are suddenly not so hidden or subliminal anymore and one will be able to pick them out naturally.

When you’re aware of at least a few of the symbols, they will only affect your conscious mind to the degree that you let them. You can see through the lies.  And when you do, then you get to unlearn everything you’ve been taught.

As Bruce Lee once said : “Empty your cup. Be formless, shapeless like water.”

Here is yet another gallery of few corporate logos and scenes depicting Cube & Saturn symbolism  from mainstream media:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We can derive a lot of modern lingo from from the title EL. The beings known as the sons of god or the sons of EL are what are traditionally known as AngELs’. That’s why you will find that in the ancient book of Enoch (Enoch was Noah’s great grandfather) the 7 Arch-angels mentioned all bear the suffix -‘el at the end of their names:
Michael (
Mîkhā’-El), Gabriel  (Jibra-El), Raphael (Rāfā-El), Uriel (Ûrî-El), Chamael (Khama-El), Jophiel (
Youfi-El), Zadkiel (Tzadqi-El).

A play of words.

El’s chosen ones are called ‘El-ites’ found always in the up-most echelons of society, whom we ‘EL-ect’ / appoint to be our leaders. We pay our respects to our ‘EL-ders’ . It is for the same reason you take an ‘EL-evator’, to get ‘El-evated’ to the top quickly.

Before we came up with names for our places of worship; people would worship their deity’s in a ‘Temple‘ and rituals are performed in a ‘circle‘.
We also commonly use the tradition of marriage rings which some claim is an ode to Saturn.

Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

When you graduate from your school/college you come out professionally with a black robe and you’re required to wear the square mortarboard on top of your head. The square mortarboards are, of course, used by the Freemasons for their plaster and this symbology has a strong connection to Freemasonry and it all has to do with the control of education in this country.”

 By –Jordan Maxwell from the “Matrix of Power”

Masters Degree

Academic Robe

We are all conditioned to go and attend a ‘Universe-ity’ all in pursuit of a ‘Ma-Stars’ masonic degree to become an alumni (Illumni) .  And according to Jordan Maxwell, ‘Graduation’ is a short form of ‘Gradual-Indoctrination’.

Judges use a Masonic hammer with  which they hit to declare the word of Law. The idea of ‘Law & Order’ comes from the biblical stone commandments and that’s exactly why you ‘break‘ the law. Judges always sit on a 3-tier system that represents the first 3 blue degrees of freemasonry.

Judge with Hammer

Judge with Hammer

The same 3-tier system is found at Congress, and the altar in most churches is 3 steps high. That’s  why you get/give someone the Third Degree which relates to the 3rd degree of Masonry where the beginner initiate is asked a series of personal questions and they must answer correctly in order to progress.

 The color of Saturn, one of the ancient Hebrew Gods is the same black used on the robe the judge wears when he is going to throw you in jail.

In older times especially during the medieval ages, whenever a witch casted a spell or a curse on someone, they were actually placing a ‘Hex‘ on them. A ‘Hex’ is a representation of the number 6 .

Interestingly enough, Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun and the ‘Sabbath’ that is celebrated on ‘Saturday’/Saturn’s day also happens to fall on the 6th day of the week. So What? Maybe it’s just all a big coincidence.

 Apparently there is a storm on Saturn’s North pole. Out of every possible shape, it is a hexagon ( a ‘6’- sided polygon and the 2D-representation of a cube) !




North Pole on Saturn False color



Saturn’s Hexagonal Storm Top 

 The storm was first seen by the Voyager in the 1980’s and later by the Cassini Satellite in 2009 And that’s not all, the speed of it’s wind is 200 Mph/322 Kph. Ironically, the number 322 is a well known within the occult and also secret societies like ‘Skull and Bones’ etc. This storm is big. When I say big, I mean 13,800 km wide which is longer than the diameter of the Earth!


Skull & Bones #322

Skull & Bones #322

That’s not all though . Saturn has another gigantic storm at it’s South Pole.  It has this non-stop mega ‘eye’ shaped cyclone that just seems to rage on and on; this one being 2600 miles (4184.3 Km) wide!

Saturn South Pole 'Eye'

Saturn’s ‘Eye’ at South Pole

The presence of Saturn in our lives whether we are able to perceive it or not is without a doubt undeniable to say the least.

There is no wrong and right when it comes to knowledge; because Knowledge is an empowering force. Hence the saying: “Knowledge is power! ” 




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