Month: May 2014

Bankai, Bansai, Bonsai : Oriental Homonyms

Words are funny. Some of them are spelt the same but mean different things. Others are spelt differently, yet can sound the same or have the same meaning.Homonyms are groups of words that are pronounced that same but may vary in spelling and have different meanings. In the English language there are plenty of these kinds of words.

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Intro to Sacred Geometry

Today officially marks my blog’s 4 year anniversary. If it wasn’t for the notification from WordPress, I would have probably never even known about this special occasion. It amuses me to think i randomly started blogging again 25 hours exactly before I received the notification. Coincidence? or Synchronicity? I don’t know. What I do know is that the topic i’m about to share with you couldn’t have a more meaningful standpoint, that too accompanied by it’s rather peculiar timing.

Flower of Life - Leonardo Da Vinci


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The Greatest Selfie Ever !

We’re quite possibly the most self indulgent species on the planet. We think of ourselves as the most intelligent life forms here on Earth. Unfortunately this self centered projected view we uphold is the same one that blinds us from seeing how ironically stupid we really are or choose to be; that is . Right now in this very moment as you’re reading this line, humanity has already achieved the impossible

Selfie by Mike Hopkins during a spacewalk on Christmas Eve, 2013

Taken by Mike Hopkins