Month: March 2010

A sparkle of Hope

Imagine  waking up one day without any arms or legs .How different your life would be !! Luckily you wake up and jump out of your bed and swing your limbs in every possible direction . It was all just a dream . Sadly , this so called ‘dream ‘, turned out to be very real for  Nicholas James Vujicic (he is better know as Nick Vujicic) . This post is dedicated to him. Born in Melbourne , Australia ; he was diagnosed with a rare disease known as tetra-amelia.






Nicholas James Vujicic…{Source:jeffreyngkc’s photostream on flickr}



Tiny bite on the BIG Apple

Did you ever go  to Miami ,Florida for your spring break ? Well I sure as hell didn’t. Instead I opted to go to the big city . “What the hell is wrong with me?  Why on earth would I go to NYC when I could relax under the sun, on a warm sandy beach ,with my binoculars ready to scout out that gorgeous bikini-clad damsel in distress? ” These were but a few of the many questions I asked myself before I embarked on my voyage to the city . To my surprise , I actually had the best spring break ever ! (keeping in mind that this was my first spring break ever) . 

I could describe NYC in one word : Fantabulous ( and yes i spelled it right) . A fantastic cluster of homo-sapiens , each with a unique story to tell, living their lives in a concrete jungle that stretched to the sky , full of glory and the smell of coffee , absolutely fabulous in every aspect; altogether would basically sum up my description of the city as a mere tourist’s interpretation . (more…)

A tribute to Zippo lighters

Zippo lighters, in my opinion  are indeed  true works of art. I absolutely adore them. They were first produced by Gorge  Blaisdell   in the early  1930’s .    Their just so darn  handy !

You can use them to warm your hands in the cold , during a black out, as a torch , or as  devices to tell you the direction of the wind and even as an emergency beacon and last but definitely not the least, light things on fire  “. Those were the exact same words I told my friend when he asked me why I liked those little tin cans so much . He replied by saying ” Can’t you do all of those things with a matchstick?” . (more…)