I Remember.

I Remember.


I Remember.

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”-Oliver Wendell Holmes


I remember it all.
 Not since the day I was born.
 Not from the first instances of my being,
 but from the time I was very small;
 the time I was a mere dumpling. (more…)

Super Moon Solidarity : Palestine will be Free ! ✌

The People, United, Can Never Be Defeated It was a  warm July evening. The sun was about to set and pave way for that wondrous rock made of cheese in the night sky. Tonight, was no ordinary moon though; for it brought forth the heavenly Super-moon. No, the moon didn’t suddenly gain super powers; although that would be kind of cool to imagine.

Super Moon !

Super Moon ! Objects in image are much larger then they appear.


The Super-moon is the same moon, except it appears much larger and brighter than usual.  The scientific community calls this phenomenon the “Perigee moon.” The Super-moon shed I witnessed tonight shed light not just on myself and the people around me but on an issue that needs the world’s undivided attention… (more…)

A tribute to Zippo lighters

Zippo lighters, in my opinion  are indeed  true works of art. I absolutely adore them. They were first produced by Gorge  Blaisdell   in the early  1930’s .    Their just so darn  handy !

You can use them to warm your hands in the cold , during a black out, as a torch , or as  devices to tell you the direction of the wind and even as an emergency beacon and last but definitely not the least, light things on fire  “. Those were the exact same words I told my friend when he asked me why I liked those little tin cans so much . He replied by saying ” Can’t you do all of those things with a matchstick?” . (more…)