Empire state building

Tiny bite on the BIG Apple

Did you ever go  to Miami ,Florida for your spring break ? Well I sure as hell didn’t. Instead I opted to go to the big city . “What the hell is wrong with me?  Why on earth would I go to NYC when I could relax under the sun, on a warm sandy beach ,with my binoculars ready to scout out that gorgeous bikini-clad damsel in distress? ” These were but a few of the many questions I asked myself before I embarked on my voyage to the city . To my surprise , I actually had the best spring break ever ! (keeping in mind that this was my first spring break ever) . 

I could describe NYC in one word : Fantabulous ( and yes i spelled it right) . A fantastic cluster of homo-sapiens , each with a unique story to tell, living their lives in a concrete jungle that stretched to the sky , full of glory and the smell of coffee , absolutely fabulous in every aspect; altogether would basically sum up my description of the city as a mere tourist’s interpretation . (more…)