When the Future came, from the Past?

Tyde nor Time tarrieth no man“-Robert Greene (1592)

Analog retrica

Keeping it Retro !

Time is a concept that seems to elude the majority of us. One day you’re a baby sipping  your bottle of milk, without a care in the world. Next, you wake up in the morning and find hair growing out of your armpits.

Eventually, you meet one person who seems to tolerate all your nonsense and you’re equally capable of putting up with their crap too and the two of you would go on to call it ‘Love’.

Before you know it , you’re grandchildren show up at the nursing home that you’ve been living in for the last decade; or two decades since ? You’re old now, you probably don’t remember much anyway.

They came to pay their final respects to you! Soon enough, your vision starts to blur out, your life flashes before you, at least what you can still remember and then you fall asleep, for good. It’s crazy and if you don’t stop and take a look every once in a while, you might just miss out on life !  

Analog Retrica

Analog Retrica

But isn’t time just a man-made concept? Isn’t it just another manifestation of our perception to effectively organize ourselves in order to face the chaos of the jungle that awaited us outside our caves? It truly is in more ways than one.

Here is a short video that will show you exactly how distorted your sense of ‘time’ is:  




Once we embrace the phenomenon of change as the driving force of progress, then we can move forward and achieve whatever we set our minds to. 

This is one of the  ways through which we can truly let go of our past attachments and in doing so, we help ourselves transition smoothly through our own future; one step at a time.

Consider every possibility no matter how ridiculous it may seem; because most of the time, believe me; the truth will more often  be stranger than fiction.

Behold fellow brothers and sisters, the future has arrived ! This time however, I mean it not in a chronological sense but in regards to our ever evolving technology. We’ve certainly come a long way from the stone age and I can assure you, we have an even longer journey ahead of us. But we all start somewhere and I think this concept has the potential to revolutionize our lives as we know it. So what the devil am I going on about?  

WiTricity : Wireless Electricity!




Look at all the electronics around you, whether it’s your laptop, TV, PC or something as simple as a light bulb. Now, imagine all of these contraptions and devices functioning without the need of wires, absolutely no wires whatsoever.

Imagine if you could charge your phone or tablet while using wireless electricity to charge it. No more plugging into the sockets, no more tangled chords; the possibilities are endless. This idea is already turning into a reality with WiTricity’s new device called Prodigy. 


WiTricity field in a living room.

WiTricity field in a living room.


While the voltage output is still quite low and isn’t even capable of powering a blender yet, it’s only a matter of time before we incorporate this concept into all of our everyday appliances and even has potential for the remote charging of Electric cars , transmission of wireless electricity over long distances without the need for those huge transmission towers that require miles and miles of cables.

It would be a lot like the transition we went through from dial-up to WiFi except instead of wireless internet, Prodigy would emit electricity itself. As for safety, since WiTricty uses a magnetic field to function it is quite safe, probably one of the safest forms of wireless transfer out there.

Here’s a report created by CNN that you’ve probably not seen yet :


All of this stuff is still very new and we do need to study it in greater detail. Not just the concept for future redesigning, but we also have to determine it’s applicable usage too. They say that if it wasn’t for the Dark Ages, we would have mastered inter-stellar travel by now. But because of the religious dogmas and the suppression of knowledge and ingenuity, here we are today halfway through 2014 showing off our I-pads and fancy watches that can measure your heart rate and blood pressure.

Or maybe you got the chance to experiment with a Go-Pro camera or Google Glass. Whatever gizmo you do end up with, pick your poison wisely as more time passes; more manufacturers implement a policy known as Planned Obsolescence. Now, there’s a fun term you can look up.  

Power lines in Brazil

We won’t have to deal with this anymore…

While it’s relatively new in the making, the driving idea behind this concept has existed for quite a while apparently. Nikola Tesla , known sometimes as the world’s greatest man is often associated with all sorts of new innovations and was obviously quite ahead of his time. He is the creator of the first ever remote-controlled boat and the famous Wardenclyffe Tower Project which was a concept designed with the intentions of distributing  wireless electricity over long distances.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



The project was abandoned and all of his blueprints and life’s work were either destroyed or seized as the legend goes . Makes sense when you consider the fact that having free-energy and other renewable sources all around us would make a lot of companies that deal with fossil fuels run out of business in no time.


Tesla coil in action

Tesla coil in action

The Wardenclyffe era was during the years 1900-1917, which was almost a 100 years ago (97 to be precise). A century of suppressed vital information by organizations who only seek profit for themselves and frankly don’t give a fig about the progress of humanity. Imagine where we could have been technologically if we started working on this and related projects a 100 years ago.

On looking up Tesla and wireless transmission of electricity I stumbled across this old 2009 TED talk.



Here we are 5 years later, in 2014 and I still have to untangle all my chargers for my phone , my laptop etc. I just didn’t understand it. We created the technology that proved to be an effective solution to the problem, but we’re still choosing to do things the old way? We still were not going to implement it?

Sure it may not seem like much, but think about it this way: In the span of the 5 years that went by, considering the digital age in which we live in; where more number of people currently today have access to electronics and more devices than ever before in our recent history at least.

Just imagine how much energy and time we would save if we din’t have to manufacture all those wires, for all those devices that exist today.



Some say that mankind has known about this level of tech since ancient times and for reasons unknown, they claim we lost them. Through out  history, cities and kingdoms rose and eventually fell. Circle of life stuff if you ask me.

There are many who speculate that the ancient Egyptians not only had electricity but had a system far superior than the ones we have today. There isn’t much evidence to back fancy claims like these. However, there are always a few odd pieces that just do not belong to the puzzle.

One such example is evident in a depiction of a series of hieroglyphics in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera  showing what most likely resembles some sort of ancient light bulb cathode tube device connected by wire to a box and what seems to resemble a transmitter of some sort.


Dendera Light Original

Dendera Light Original


After this theory came out, people began to wonder: “Well okay, maybe they had electricity and artificial light. So whats the big deal?” Some theorists suggest that they  had a system far advanced than the model we’ve been running on for the last century.

But there’s clearly a wire connected to a box, so how is that superior? Wouldn’t such a system be considered inferior in anything by our modern standards?  


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Alas, there is a wire connected to a box. But this is in turn connected through wireless means to a pillar like structure called the ‘Djed Pillar’ which was symbolic of stability.

Again there’s no solid evidence behind these claims but some postulate that the pillar might have served as a wireless electric transmitter and the drawings could be a depiction of the transition that  they might have went through as they obtained ‘great knowledge’ and hence ‘great power’ that could be used or abused.

Some people disregard the entire concept as a misinterpretation of symbology and mythology and insist that they shouldn’t be taken in a literal sense.

For Example,

If future archaeologists re-discover a painting done by Picasso, by not taking into account his specific individualistic unique artistic expression, would they be right to assume that humanity from that era went through some sort of physiological transformation? A massive calamity that struck with both war and plagues of some sort? Or maybe a portal within the mind to transcend the dimensions? If you’re already familiar with some of Picasso’s work, then you know what I mean .



Guernica by Pablo Picasso


And then, you have this thing. It’s called the Antikythera Mechanism. It’s a device that should not be in existence for the time period from which it might have been created; roughly 150-100 B.C.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is because the Antikythera Mechanism is actually an ancient computer. It was analog in nature of-course and was used to predict astronomical events and eclipses.

It’s really mind boggling when you realize that most of the first Astronomical clocks produced in Western Europe came out somewhere during the 14 th century A.D.(It was created almost 1500 years before the first Astronomical clock that had similar but still far less complexity and design structure).

So how did they make it?  The best of our human intellect and science cannot answer questions like these; at least not in synchronicity with the history that we’ve been told to believe.

It really makes you wonder what we are capable of. Assuming that only  ‘we’ created all those devices and ancient monolithic structures with precise architecture that involved blocks that weigh tons, that are perfectly aligned it looks laser cut and the measurements are so precise you can’t fit a credit card between them; all but thousands of years ago.

Our ancestors must have had some really fancy hammers and chisels. Then again, who knows? The possibilities are endless in an infinite universe.   

Here’s 2  Tesla coils playing The Mario Brothers Theme. Enjoy !


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