Tiny bite on the BIG Apple

Did you ever go  to Miami ,Florida for your spring break ? Well I sure as hell didn’t. Instead I opted to go to the big city . “What the hell is wrong with me?  Why on earth would I go to NYC when I could relax under the sun, on a warm sandy beach ,with my binoculars ready to scout out that gorgeous bikini-clad damsel in distress? ” These were but a few of the many questions I asked myself before I embarked on my voyage to the city . To my surprise , I actually had the best spring break ever ! (keeping in mind that this was my first spring break ever) . 

I could describe NYC in one word : Fantabulous ( and yes i spelled it right) . A fantastic cluster of homo-sapiens , each with a unique story to tell, living their lives in a concrete jungle that stretched to the sky , full of glory and the smell of coffee , absolutely fabulous in every aspect; altogether would basically sum up my description of the city as a mere tourist’s interpretation .

My cave, where I took shelter most of the time was a very nice one, bearing the title -Radisson SAS . In the mornings,I would travel the streets with my pack of homo-sapiens, go up to famous landmarks and try to pee on them , to mark my territory of-course ( sadly I failed to complete this ‘daunting -in-the-eyes-of-the-public’ task) . By night, we would go out to outlets at Soho , a famous shopping district ,where we bought synthetic animal hides to keep us warm . I’m proud to say that I walked a lot when I was in the city , from Manhattan , across the Brooklyn  Bridge with mon ami Seon, who wanted to accomplish this feat for the last 6 years (check out his blog – http://photographsbyseon.com/), all the way down to Brooklyn . We burned a lot of calories after these long strolls on foot , so to fill our belly’s with some grub , we would usually go to McDonald’s (we were cheap homo-sapiens). But this one time , we were lucky ,as we walked down one of the avenues , Seon spotted a BBQ’s restaurant . Thanks to his incredible nocturnal vision we had the best meal ever. They called it’ baby-back ribs’ . So juicy , so tender , the meat just melted in your mouth . To have those ribs in a specially made BBQ sauce ….mmmm….

Now don’t get me wrong. All of this was amazing . But I wanted to see the real NYC . The real stuff that lay hidden under the shadows of the glamorous skyscrapers and monuments. I wanted to go down to ‘Harlem’ aka ‘the hood’ . But my fellow cowardly homo-sapiens wouldn’t let me . They claimed that even bigger , notorious homo-sapiens lived there . Maybe next time they whined .

The most memorable place I visited in the city would have to be Times Square . The lights there really do inspire you . I remember when I was kid, there used to be this advertisement on CNN that would say ” If you stand on Times Square long enough , you’ll meet everyone in the world ” . I couldn’t agree more, there were hundreds of people there , moving around like a swarm of ants.

So now, there we were, just exploring the ever magnificent Times Square , minding our own business ,and guess who we see performing ? The Black Eyed Peas!! They were having some kind of  1 hour-free concert thing . The crowd there was electric with anticipation . Every one was jumping to the beat of their song  ” I got a feeling “.

All in all , I certainly don’t regret going to the Big Apple instead of Miami for my spring break . I had some of the best memoirs yet . To the greatest city in the world! , may you continue to prosper and bring joy, to everyone that lays eyes on you.

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