A tribute to Zippo lighters

Zippo lighters, in my opinion  are indeed  true works of art. I absolutely adore them. They were first produced by Gorge  Blaisdell   in the early  1930’s .    Their just so darn  handy !

You can use them to warm your hands in the cold , during a black out, as a torch , or as  devices to tell you the direction of the wind and even as an emergency beacon and last but definitely not the least, light things on fire  “. Those were the exact same words I told my friend when he asked me why I liked those little tin cans so much . He replied by saying ” Can’t you do all of those things with a matchstick?” . He clearly had a strong point . But I pointed out to him that a Zippo lighter’s advantage over a matchstick was that it had a flame that would never die out . Even with strong winds or any kind of severe weather for that matter ; it  would keep burning ,so long as it didn’t run out of gas .

What I love the most about these lighters is that , there’s always a lighter  for each and every person on this planet ; a lighter with a completely unique design that can be matched with every kind of personality imaginable . My personal favorite is the one with the anarchy graffiti symbol .


  1. Hell I dont even know if I can find one to match my own personality which is all over the place. I guess b4 I can consider getting A Zippo Lighter (funny name) I need to ask “Who am I”

    Interesting thing..that prayer being adapted to make Addicts feel better about themselves and equate their lack of self control with “things I cannot change”

  2. Hi Lycanlover – great article. Lighters are sooooo personal. Mine was taken at Frankfurt airport in Germany on a visit. I was so bummed out about it. Anyhow, you can get one with those wolfeyes you love so much at blackzippo.com, they can put anything on a zippo lighter. Upload your own image.

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