Why you should STOP watching the World Cup.

“Now hold a second. What did I just read? Stop watching the World Cup? But hello, It’s the World Cup dude! It’s when millions upon millions of different people from different nations and backgrounds unite in heart and harmony; to celebrate the very spirit of Football and plus, it only happens once every four years.


People from all over the world, at an approximated count of 3 billion, which is nearly half the planet’s population, get to tune in to watch, as well as, support their favorite players and teams live over the tv and the web; as the games unfold in real time. So why the heck would I want to miss out on a global event with such awesome grandeur and magnificence?”.

Turns out there is a very real dark side to the world cup once you unmask the clichéd image of celebrations, fiestas and football that come to mind almost immediately on hearing the word ‘Brazil’. The country , like any country on Earth has its issues but Brazil takes the cup. Pun intended. The World Cup in Brazil cost over $14 billion to host.

Try telling that to your local hard working Brazilian individual who has to deal with the shitty standard of living after the cup is over and the football fever is lost and you would probably find him/her to be quite unhappy.     anti-fifa-13

I may be generalizing when I say many Brazilians express dismay, even hate over the whole charade. It’s not exactly breaking news. We all know that Brazilians love Football. It’s FIFA they can’t stand. For a football association, FIFA is remarkably powerful and has the ability to influence the governments of host countries to pass certain ‘beneficial’ legislation in return for the income,the publicity and the tourism that the event draws in.

For eg. FIFA insisted that the Brazilian parliament pass laws that would essentially gurantee that the local  labor rules & regulations wouldn’t intervene with the business. FIFA also got the host country to overlook its own mandates that prohibited the sale of alcohol in stadiums all in an effort to assist their various sponsors, make bigger gains. Now alcohol can be sold but mostly, it will be the famous world renowned beer producing company which is one of the many sponsors of  the event, that will benefit.

Sponsors of the 2014 World Cup

Sponsors of the 2014 World Cup

They also have appointed stadium exclusion zones, which completely inundate the various locales. Whats the point? What purpose does a move like that serve? Well, once your ‘in the zone’ then you can only purchase products that are previously approved by FIFA. That means, If a product is not from a sponsor company it is illegal to sell them in the designated zones . Now that’s a good money making strategy.

Just imagine yourself attending one of the games. You want to express your passion for your team or favorite player so you BUY apparel and jerseys, flags and wigs, air horns and loud whistles etc all produced by the same sponsors. After the game you might find yourself to feel a little tired and hungry from all the cheering and shouting, so you go and BUY a burger from a Company with golden arches because anything else is prohibited in the zone near the stadium.

Maybe later, you feel the need to relax and have a drink and unwind so you BUY a beer; you know the same brand that you sipped back home, instead of perhaps trying a local rendition. In this way the tourist’s money stays within the sponsor companies reach and doesn’t really spread out to local businesses like malls, restaurants, bars etc.


Eventually the masses began protesting. Can you really blame them? How would you feel if a sporting organization just waltzed into your country and started sucking up all the money and technically dictating your government under the guise of bribes to suit it’s own needs and interests while not giving a damn about the well being of yourself and your family or if you have access to the basic most primal human needs like food, clothing and shelter.

They’re just fed up of being treated worse than garbage while these associations and companies rob them on levels that exceed the financial aspects; they rob them of their human dignity. That’s why people in poverty stricken areas resort to crime and mugging because they need to eat too and so do their families. They just want a little more than they have currently, they want what they deserve to survive as members of a community of people. And what did the government give them? Showers of rubber bullets and tear gas .

They gave them a view of what ‘George Orwell’ the author of ‘1984’, said a totalitarian police state would look like; by placing almost 200,000 extra personnel that comprise of members of both the police and other military forces, for obvious ‘security’ concerns. Security is an important issue at any large event but do you really need to involve the army and navy corps? That’s taking it a little too far I feel.

Here are a few links worth watching:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7Dzn8FbXvE   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20v5qBj7Yqw


The people are complaining and lamenting about the fact that the government along with FIFA and other companies could build have the audacity to host a 14 billion dollar event but can’t build  more schools and hospitals and claim that even the currently existing ones are in terrible condition and lack basic amenities. That kind of support could be used to enrich societies by promoting health and education but no. It’s used to support companies who already have more than they need. It really doesn’t matter if it’s the World Cup or the Olympics.

As long as you participate even by watching, you’re throwing your drop of fuel onto this enormous global ‘forest fire’. If nobody gave a damn and stopped watching or better still, stopped caring totally about who wins the cup and who loses a pointless game; then they would stop too because there would be no money for them to harvest.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against any kind of sport in particular. I love football too. It’s the inhumanity that these associations generate that I can’t stand. You should go outside once in a while and play your favorite sport in real life! Not on a x-box or PS . It’s much better than watching your favorite idols live their dreams while you do precisely that;  dream all day on the sofa.


Like anything in life, balance is key. You can’t have wealthy organizations stealing from people who are already destitute and impoverished and expect everyone to just keep quiet and go on with their lives. Eventually there will be revolution. The security forces are quick to silence anyone who opposes this capitalistic form of dictatorship by shooting and beating them.

But they won’t care once the protesters are on the floor bleeding.They don’t care if those people receive the right access to healthcare or even make it to the hospital after their rendezvous with police brutality. It’s not their family, not their kids. So they go on following orders from above, following when they could lead themselves.

Football for thought

Football for thought

Heck the Taj Mahal was built by roughly 22,000 men over the course of 22 years and that construction began back in 1632 . So Imagine what the potential of just the 200,000 ‘extra’ security forces could be. Imagine what they could create with today’s technology. To add to it, you have the regular number of forces and then the entire local populous.

Think about it the next time you’re all comfy on your couch with you’re favorite choice of assorted snacks and sodas, attentive and electric with anticipation for the match to start . Some people do see what’s really going on but they feel that there’s nothing they can do about the situation. I mean we’re talking global corruption and inhumane policies here and that can be overwhelming to the average individual.

But it’s not so overwhelming when many individuals start contributing their bit and come together to form their own team. And that’s their biggest fear. If we ever manage to do away with our egos and differences and come to realize our true potential.

Random graffiti

Random graffiti: “The World Cup takes our schools and hospitals and leaves us with balls!”

That’s exactly why they are trying so hard to break people’s spirit, by inciting them with fear, the threat of constant danger and a sense of hopelessness; all while concurrently enticing them to work hard and pursue a very materialistic lifestyle.

“Don’t mind the thousands of police equipped with Riot gear, batons and automatic weapons.They’re here for your safety, ‘to serve and protect’. Keep shopping. Keep consuming. Keep  following that latest trend. Keep watching those viral videos and whatever we want you to watch. And don’t worry, in the age of democracy, where all men are equal; you’re completely free to do as we tell you.”

They know that if we all wake up and smell  the fraud and the exploitation, then their jig is up and it would be Game Over for them. 




Also here’s another reason. While you’re so fixated on who scored the most goals and who’s going to win, we’re all losing in the long run. And it’s not just us, we’re taking the entire planet down with us. Remember the Fukushima disaster from 3 years ago? Yea, it’s still kind of leaking about 400 metric tons of radioactive water per day. How is this even related to anything?

Think of it this way, if we don’t focus on Fukushima and find solutions that aren’t temporary soon, there won’t even be a World Cup for future generations because there won’t be any future generations left, at least not here on Earth. Here’s a link, do watch and share: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9kFN3By6Xc      


  1. Seems lot of the big international events, like the Olympics in China and Russia, force their poorer residents to conform to the multibillion dollar environments. Nice post.

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