I Remember.

I Remember.


I Remember.

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”-Oliver Wendell Holmes


I remember it all.
 Not since the day I was born.
 Not from the first instances of my being,
 but from the time I was very small;
 the time I was a mere dumpling. (more…)

Super Moon Solidarity : Palestine will be Free ! ✌

The People, United, Can Never Be Defeated It was a  warm July evening. The sun was about to set and pave way for that wondrous rock made of cheese in the night sky. Tonight, was no ordinary moon though; for it brought forth the heavenly Super-moon. No, the moon didn’t suddenly gain super powers; although that would be kind of cool to imagine.

Super Moon !

Super Moon ! Objects in image are much larger then they appear.


The Super-moon is the same moon, except it appears much larger and brighter than usual.  The scientific community calls this phenomenon the “Perigee moon.” The Super-moon shed I witnessed tonight shed light not just on myself and the people around me but on an issue that needs the world’s undivided attention… (more…)

The Longest Day: A Swan’s Solstice

Yesterday was June the 21st, the longest day of the year; the Summer Solstice. The day with the most sunshine and the official commencement of Summer according to the Gregorian Calender. Exactly six months ago, I visited the infamous ‘Swan Lake’ with the hopes, dreams and aspirations of coming face to face with; well you guessed it, a Swan. I was eager to see one in the wild, just chilling in its natural habitat, away from the grind of everyday city life . I had only previously seen them in captivity. Well as it turned out, I didn’t get to see any swans and was rewarded instead  with  a chance to see many, many geese. I was happy none the less . But Swan Lake kind of felt incomplete without the Swan part to me.

So, I decided to re-visit Swan Lake in pursuit of those ever-so-elusive swans and I thought to myself “What better date to pick than the longest day of the year itself;  more sun, more fun !” I knew it was going to be a long hike ; so I got my old grungy backpack and started filling it with the most random things you could possibly  imagine. Because you never know when that unopened can of red kidney beans will come in handy…


DSC07136 (more…)

Why you should STOP watching the World Cup.

“Now hold a second. What did I just read? Stop watching the World Cup? But hello, It’s the World Cup dude! It’s when millions upon millions of different people from different nations and backgrounds unite in heart and harmony; to celebrate the very spirit of Football and plus, it only happens once every four years.


People from all over the world, at an approximated count of 3 billion, which is nearly half the planet’s population, get to tune in to watch, as well as, support their favorite players and teams live over the tv and the web; as the games unfold in real time. So why the heck would I want to miss out on a global event with such awesome grandeur and magnificence?”. (more…)

Trippy Liquefied

Freaky Friday the 13th

Friggatriskaidekaphobia    (Yes, it’s a real word):
The fear of ‘Friday the 13th’.  Frigga is for Friday, the triskai is for 3,  deka means 10,  triskaideca means 13 and phobia means fear.”
‘Friday the thirteenth’, has always been looked at through a lens of irrational superstitious belief since time immemorial. Or has it?

Friday the 13th